Mitsubishi UFJ, store redevelopment ... in the city center and in front of the station

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) has concluded a policy of large-scale redevelopment for many branches of affiliated banks. In October also establish a joint venture company that will make redevelopment plan with Mitsubishi Estate. There is a possibility that more than 100 shops are targeted for stores with good location such as the city center and the station.

The profitability of bank stores is getting worse as the number of visitors decreases and the profits of the main business are reduced. MUFG will be rebuilt into commercial facilities, condominiums, etc., and enhance profitability. We will consider not only relocation but also re-entry to buildings and condominiums after redevelopment.

About 570 stores (as of the end of March) such as Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank under MUFG. Of these, choose a shop that owns either one of the two banks and is likely to generate profit at a favorable location. Out of the owned stores account for more than 50% of over 40 years old aged stores, and we will also consider selling.

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